Our experience and knowledge have allowed us to understand the “Big Idea.” We are experts at capturing audience interest, influences, and emotional response to inspire them to take action. And we know how to assemble visions that unify a theme across all communications channels and audiences to be a successful creative concept that can be distinctive, memorable, unifying, and relevant.


Monitor Latino

Redsquid produced the colossal show of the Monitor Music Awards 2021 in multiple countries and cities with world-known artists such as Oscar de Leon, Nathi Natash, Raw Alejandro, Cristian Nodal, Grupo Firme, Camilo, Marco Antonio Solis, T1419, and many more.

Earth Walker

We produced The Earth Walker. The Earth Walker is a thrilling and emotional documentary that will keep you up and alert. It is the story of a Mexican-American- Persian man who lives in the U.S. but has traveled to more than 83 countries and speaks more than 15 languages. A successful businessman and philanthropist used his resources to get the best team to start his quest: find the scary truth and the answers to fight Covid-19. Experts, families, and people from different cultures told him their side of the story.

888 Admit-it

We filmed and produced this impactful commercial PSA to focus on gambling awareness.

Four Seasons Event Spaces

The Four Seasons opened its door for our crew, and we helped create a video that will allow guests to know the spaces and services.

In Shape To Go

The video focused on motivating current customers to continue their fitness programs.

Adolescent's Orquesta - Resistiré

Adolescents Orchestra is an international iconic salsa band. We were fortunate to be able to film and produce their newest music video for their new generations of singers.