Casting Italian Voice Over for Sella Antica Campaign in English

Project: Sella Antica Campaign

Duration: 12 videos, each 30 seconds

Submission Deadline:  Sunday, July 23/ 2023 @8:00 pm EST

Usage: Social Media

Role: Italian Cowboy (Buttero) Voice Actor

Tentative Recording Date: July 25, 26 or 27 

Format: mp3

This image is the post that is used in social media for casting a voice over to read for Sella Antica. This is produced at the Redsquid Studios


CASTING ENDED! Thank you for visiting our website and showing interest in our casting. Unfortunately, this casting has now been closed. We appreciate your enthusiasm and encourage you to stay tuned for future projects!

We are seeking an Italian voice actor to bring life to the character of a Buttero (cowboy) from the Maremma region in Italy. The campaign consists of 12 mini films, each lasting 30 seconds. The voice actor should sound like they are in their 50s or late 40s and have the ability to speak fluent English with Italian accent. The project is intended for the US market and will be used for social media and web platforms. The voice actor will have a 5-year contract, There is no need for voice talent exclusivity.

Character Description:

The ideal voice actor will embody the gritty spirit of a veteran Italian cowboy, known as a Buttero. The character should come across as confident, charming, and down to earth. The voice actor should be able to connect with the audience on a personal level, making them feel like they could be friends with the character. Think of the perfect drinking buddy with whom you always leave enlightened and better for the experience. The voice actor should be able to add a touch of wit and charm to the character’s voice.


– Italian voice actor, preferably native Italian speaker

– Fluent in English

– Ability to sound like they are in their 50s or late 40s

– Confident, charming, and down to earth vocal qualities

– Experience in voice acting and delivering engaging performances

– Strong ability to connect with the audience and bring the character to life

Usage and Compensation:

– Social media and web platforms in the United States

– 5-year Use. 

– No exclusivity needed from the voice talent

Instructions for Audition:

Please submit your audition in English. Provide a demo reel or record a sample of the character’s voice. The audition should showcase your ability to embody the character’s personality traits described above. The audio file should be clear and of professional quality.


(Open on a scene of a fire gently crackling as the Buttero unsaddles his horse nearby).

VO: People think they know Tuscany.

VO: But until they’ve seen how we do things out here in Maremma…

VO: As we say here: “Never judge a horse by its saddle.”

VO: Especially when he’s this size.

VO: Sella Antica – New Blend, Old Soul



When submitting the casting, ensure the file is in MP3 format, under 10MB, and preferably in mono, 48kHz, with a minimum of 16 bits. Include multiple takes in a single audio file. If you encounter any issues, email the casting along with your information to [email protected].

Note: Only selected candidates will be contacted. Feel free to include questions in the form or email. If you disagree with the terms, have conflicts with the brand, work for the competition, or find the script violating your principles, refrain from submitting. 

Name the file correctly: casting_Title_YourName.mp3. Incorrect labeling may result in omission.

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